We Sell Pallets

ADR Pallets LTD Sell Quality Pallets in Any Volume!

If you are looking for new or used pallets, then talk to us for the latest prices.

Our new wooden pallets are manufactured to ISO high-quality standards and to all specifications. With large stocks of timber sourced from managed, sustainable woodlands, and at competitive rates, we ensure these cost savings are passed onto our customers. If you require a bespoke size new wooden pallet that is not listed, please request a quote or give our sales team a call. Wooden pallets purchased from us can all be supplied fully ISPM15 heat-treated for exporting to countries outside the European Union. Most products are in stock and ready for immediate dispatch for delivery nationwide.

RE1750kg4kg600 x 400mmPOA
RE2750kg7kg800 x 600mmPOA
RE31000kg19kg1200 x 1200mmPOA
RE4500kg14kg1200 x 1200mmPOA
RE51000kg18kg1200 x 1000mmPOA
RE6700kg15kg1200 x 1000mmPOA
RE7500kg14kg1200 x 1000mmPOA
RE8750kg16kg1200 x 1000mmPOA
RE9400kg12kg1200 x 1000mmPOA
RE102500kg25kg1200 x 800mmPOA
RE11750kg12kg1200 x 800mmPOA
RE12750kg12kg1200 x 800mmPOA
RE13400kg10kg1200 x 800 mmPOA
RE14500kg12kg1000 x 1000mmPOA